Sired by Tapuwae 635, this docile IVF ET Red Devon bull “MONTANA E28”, born 3/21/17, is ready to serve your herd.


Montana Red Devon BULLS FOR SALE.  Registerable at sale.  Our bulls are selected for docility, fertility, and easy maintenance.  100% grassfed from birth.  Trained to electric fence, herding dogs, trailers easily, and docile enough for a small acreage, strong enough for a large herd!

E28 is sired by Tapuwae 635 (calves average 80lbs birthweight), a high quality, tested,  New Zealand bull known for correct conformation, excellent udders, good growth.   E28’s dam is Sabo Abby, our first Devon calf born here at the ranch in 2007.  Abby was known for her fertility and easy fleshing, and had an average 367 day calving interval.  $3200

Tapuwae 635, photographed at age 9 on his home farm in New Zealand’s Northland.


Montana E33, sired by Circle K Devons MAVERICK. Dam:12 Stones Texas Swing.

MONTANA E33 is a nice deep chested young bull, born 7/1/17, he still has good years ahead for breeding.  His dam Texas Swing has moved her calving dates from 7/23/16 up to 5/13/19.  Excellent fertility and health!  His grandsire comes from central Australia’s Tirranna Devon herd, one known for its hardiness and ability to thrive in the extreme drought and flood conditions of Australia.     $2900



RED DEVON BRED HEIFER FOR SALE- “MONTANA ERIKA” born 4/3/17.  Due to calve 5/26/19, and bred to a homozygous polled Red Devon bull “Montana E15” (information below).

Montana ERIKA. Born 4/3/17. Sire: Circle K Devons MAVERICK, Dam: Sabo BELLE.

ERIKA’s sire also traces to the Australian TIRRANNA herd of Red Devons, and her IVF ET dam from the ROTOKAWA New Zealand Red Devons, was born here at Montana Red Devon and has borne a calf each year, one of the earliest of each calving season.  $1200

Sire of ERIKA’s May 2019 calf–Montana E15, homozygous polled Devon bull. Sire: Full Moon Farm Renegade, Dam: Walker’s Carolina Morn.

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