Montana Red Devon raises hardy, thrifty, docile RED DEVON cattle at 5000′ elevation.  RED DEVON SEEDSTOCK, and commercial cattle for Devon/cross GRASSFED BEEF.

Bulls are BSE tested at one year and selected for fertility, docility, and easy fleshing.  Selected Red Devon bulls are registerable at sale.  Females are bred in a 45 day window starting at 15+ months.  Registration of Red Devon females only occurs once they are pregnant with their second calf, proving their fertility, maternal characteristics, and ability to thrive within a commercial operation.  We sell Red Devon females of all ages, Red Devon bulls, and commercial Red Devon/cross females year round.  Calves are weaned at 9 months old.  All cattle are 100% grassfed and grass finished.  Naturally managed without hormones.  Antibiotics are only used in the case of illness, and those animals are recorded.

Montana Red Devon Ranch

Montana Red Devon GRASSFED BEEF is year round available at Daniels Gourmet Meat and Sausage, on Griffin Dr. in Bozeman, and seasonally at the Bozeman Community Co-Op on W. Main in Bozeman.  Mixed Quarters, Halves, and Whole beeves are available in early summer and in autumn, order direct at the ranch.  406-451-6900 mobile.

MONTANA RED DEVON is a woman owned and managed business.  Jenny Kahrl, P.O.Box 65, Harrison, MT 59735.  406-451-6900.

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